Tennis tournament on a budget

Jul 4 2017

Tennis tournament on a budget

Whether you’ve chosen to queue up and make it to the Grounds or you’re watching at home, here are a few ideas on how you can enjoy the tournament on a budget!


Save yourself time and cash by popping to your local Poundland to grab a picnic blanket, cooler bag, sandwiches, and snacks. Click here to read our picnic tips.

Stay hydrated

Water too boring for you? Robinsons will save the day!

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Strawberries and cream

You’ve got to enjoy this traditional treat while watching and cheering on your favourite players! If your fancy something different, we’ve got loads of other British treats for you to enjoy such as Mr Kipling Eton Mess Bakewell Tarts, Strawberries and Cream French Fancies and Strawberry Cheesecake Whirls.

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Prepare for the weather

You know how unpredictable British Summer can be so be ready for both sunshine and rain by packing some sunscreen, ponchos, an umbrella and sun hat.

Plastic Tennis SetTennis for the kids

Keep the kids entertained for under a fiver with our range of toys, tennis rackets and tennis balls. They can even have their own tennis tournament in the garden while you enjoy watching the matches on TV!


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