The benefits of using Pampers wipes

Jul 28 2014

The benefits of using Pampers wipes

Baby wipes are convenient for on-the-go parents but there are also a number of great benefits to using baby wipes. They offer gentle protection for even the most delicate skin meaning your baby will be happy and comfortable.

Gentle Skincare

  • Several studies have found that Pampers wipes provide safe and effective cleaning which moisturise and care for baby’s skin.
  • A neonatology clinical study published in 2009 found that Pampers’ alcohol-free, fragrance-free wipes actually helped maintain the health of babies’ skin. The use of wipes showed less redness and irritation on both premature and full term babies.


The secret to Pampers wipes

Pampers baby wipes use the unique combination of a soft, nonwoven cloth and water-based lotion for gentle cleaning. The fiber-blend material is specifically chosen for its softness and flexibility whilst the gentle water-based cleansing lotion is designed to help clean your baby while conditioning and caring for their skin.

Here’s what’s in your wipes:

  • Water: Each wipe is dampened with an emulsion lotion that contains up to 98% water to help loosen and dissolve any mess sticking to the skin.
  • Emulsifying agents: The lotion contains gentle emulsifying cleansers, which help pick-up oily mess that wouldn’t otherwise be cleaned with water alone.
  • Skin conditioner: Skin conditioning agents help restore baby’s skin appearance and feel.
  • pH buffers: Contained in the lotion to help maintain the skins natural pH balance. One of the major causes of diaper rash is the imbalance of pH that comes with a dirty diaper.
  • Preservatives: Each wipe contains a small amount of preservative ingredients, which help keep the wipes fresh before use and also prevent cross contamination by wipes while the package is open.

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