Valentine’s Day Dinner Tips

Jan 20 2017

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tips

Love is priceless but you can host a Valentine’s dinner without spending loads. Here are our tips.

Valentines Table White

Set the mood

Dim the lights and light some candles to create a romantic atmosphere. Use our red dinner table candles in our red candle holders or place some tealights around the room.

Scatter some rose petals and heart-shaped gems around the table too. If you’d like, you can also create a centrepiece with a bouquet of roses in our glass vase.


Enjoy your favourite wine in our luxury wine glasses. Your date will never guess the wine glass only cost £1 each!

SC9A4409-2-EditRomance on a plate

Whether you’re a master chef or want to make something quick, serve dinner on our heart shaped plates. Keep our napkins nearby if you’re planning to re-enact Disney’s Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene!

Spice up the night!

Do you both love a bit of spice with your food? Serve some dips and small sides in our heart shaped ramekins such as chilli sauce, olives, nuts and any other side dishes you both like.

SC9A4393-2-EditLove = Dessert

Whoever said food is the way to one’s heart needed to be more specific because we think it’s dessert! Our Ashley’s white chocolate swirl block makes a sweet end to the meal.

Movie night?

Pick a film you both love and bring the cinema feeling home by enjoying some popcorn in these cute popcorn holders.

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