Inside Poundland – Amy


Amy Beaumont

Job Title

Junior Buyer

How long have you worked for Poundland?

Just over a year

Favourite Poundland product?

Pep&Co Ladieswear Range – Leisure/Lounge Product in particular

I LOVE working for Poundland because…

I enjoy working for Poundland because I love that we are a growing business that is continuing to expand and always looking for new opportunities! As I work on the clothing side of the business, I enjoy telling people that I buy their clothing – they’re always surprised that Poundland has its clothing range that sits in line with other high street retailers and supermarkets. As a business we are not afraid to try new things which I find really exciting.

If Hollywood buys the film rights, who do you want to play YOU in Poundland: The Blockbuster Movie?

Margot Robbie!! – I love her films!!