Inside Poundland – Colin


Colin Smith

Job Title

Area Manager (Country Durham, Wear & Teesside)

How long have you worked for Poundland?

16 Years

What’s the best thing about working in your store / CSC?

Culture, Pace & Energy of the people

Favourite Poundland product?

Really don’t have one, but always interested in new products & ranges

I LOVE working for Poundland because……..

It is a fast moving, energetic environment where accountability & reward come in equal measures. For every area that I & my Team excel in there is another that I need to turn around 😜

If Hollywood buys the film rights, who do you want to play YOU in Poundland: The Blockbuster Movie?

My partner says it should be Gerrard Butler. Don’t think this is because there are any similarities between me & him though! ☹