Inside Poundland – Holly


Holly Mobley

Job Title

Head of Trading – GM and Health & Beauty

How long have you worked for Poundland?

3.5 years

What’s the best thing about working in your store / CSC?

THE TEAM! You know you are working in a winning organisation when you happily drive 100 miles to work ,to just see the team.  Oh Yes! And the new CSC is pretty awesome too.

Favourite Poundland product?

Phone Cables, I have them everywhere!

I LOVE working for Poundland because……..

Every day is different!  Trading in Poundland is like what I imagine working at the stock exchange is like – Buy, Buy, Sell, Sell!

Nothing is out of reach in Poundland and if you want to reach for the stars the team give you a foot up, which means we pull together as a team to deliver amazing products at amazing value for our customers.

If Hollywood buys the film rights, who do you want to play YOU in Poundland: The Blockbuster Movie?

Julia Roberts. Why? Why not?! She’s 5ft 9” and gorgeous – if we are to dream, we might as well dream big!