Inside Poundland – Rus


Rus Curtis

Job Title

Head of Retail Excellence

How long have you worked for Poundland?

18 months

What’s the best thing about working in your store / CSC?

The people within the business are the best! Everyone really wants the best for the business and the commitment to the brand from all departments is great to see. It is fantastic when we visit stores to see the culture in store – the colleagues have so much passion for the brand and this can be seen day in day out when we arrive at work.

Our new CSC as well is a place to be very proud – it has taken the business forward even more so creating a fantastic environment to work.

Favourite Poundland product?

Huge sweet tooth so our Twin Peaks confec range

I LOVE working for Poundland because……..

I LOVE the flexibility of the brand. We are so quick to jump on a fantastic opportunity to drive our brand forward. We have this fantastic agility throughout the business which enables the brand to continually evolve and improve to make us stand out on the high street.

I am immensely proud of the number of customers we provide an essential service for each week as well as the ability to provide hidden gems when customers are looking for a Poundland Haul!

If Hollywood buys the film rights, who do you want to play YOU in Poundland: The Blockbuster Movie?

I asked my team and they went for Ryan Reynolds – but I think they were trying to sway me as its appraisal season 🙂. After some more debating they chose Sheldon from Big Bang Theory!!! I am going to go with Tom Cruise, as my role requires me to be really versatile and its very action heavy. Meeting deadlines with a tight turnaround sometimes does feel like Mission Impossible but we always get the job done!