What to do in the Garden in August

Jul 20 2015

What to do in the Garden in August


August is generally hot with the odd thunderstorm as the weather can become quite humid. Since the children are also enjoying their summer holidays this month it’s a great time to get them involved in gardening activites.

Along with enjoying your garden and having BBQ parties, plants will need watering often. If you’re going away on holiday, you can ask a friend or neighbour to help keep your garden healthy.

Here is what we’re doing in the garden in August.

General garden maintenance

  • Keep your garden, particularly new plants, well watered.
  • Decorate your garden with novelty ornaments such as windmills or garden gnomes.
  • Deadhead plants and perennials to encourage more blooms – unless collecting seed.
  • Watch out for mildew and fungal diseases – remove infected leaves and leave room for air.
  • Collect seed from your favourite plants to sow for next year.
  • Enrich and nourish soil by feeding with manure.
  • Harvest vegetables as they become ready.
  • Trim hedges as they won’t grow as much now.
  • Lift and pot up rooted strawberry runners

What to sow and grow this month

  • Sow annual poppies and cornflowers.
  • Final sowing stage of turnips, lettuces, spring onions, radishes and parsley in time for autumn.
  • Last chance to plant strawberries in time for winter and to initiate flowering.
  • Plant out cauliflowers early in the month for an Autumn harvest.

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