What to do in the Garden in February

Jan 30 2015

What to do in the Garden in February

February Gardening great ideasWe’re closer to spring this month and with the days becoming lighter for longer, the increased sunlight means that gardens can be prepared for the season ahead. Bulbs, birds and wildlife will be making more appearances in the garden.

February is the month when sowing can begin and at Poundland we have a wide range of bulbs and seeds available for you to choose from.

Here is what we are doing in the garden in February.

February Gardening Tips

General garden maintenancePoundland Shears

  • Prune any winter shrubs which have finished flowering using shears.
  • Prune or renovate hedges and climbers.

  • Cut back grasses left since winter.

  • Net fruit and vegetable crops to keep birds and wildlife away from them.
  • Use cloches and fleeces to protect the plant beds from bad weather.
  • When the soil is dry, get rid of any weeds.
  • Try installing lawn edging to create a neat and tidy appearance and make maintenance easier.
  • Prepare the vegetable seed beds and fork compost in.
  • Protect your garden furniture from frost with covers.

Vegetables, fruit & herbs

  • Start to sow basil on a window sill.
  • Sow tomato, lettuce and spinach seeds in warm conditions indoors or under cloches.
  • Sow peppers in a heated greenhouse.
  • Sow beetroot undercover.
  • Sow radishes and early carrots such as nantes under a cloche or in greenhouse border.
  • Sow blackberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberries outside but only if soil is not frozen or wet.

Poundland have a great range of products to support your gardening activity in February, why not check out the range from our Gardening section online.

Our customers love to share their gardening photos with us, if you have purchased a product from Poundland and are having a great success, share your story with us and we will print them on our social media and blog.

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