Your New Year’s Eve Party Essentials

Dec 28 2016

Your New Year’s Eve Party Essentials

2017 is nearly here and it’s the time to celebrate! Going out on New Year’s can be expensive and hectic so we’ve put together a few ideas on how you can have your own party at home.

Bright balloons, a disco ball and party cannon poppers bring life to every party! Start off the new year with loads of cheer.


Drinking games (please drink responsibly) will liven up the party and get everyone socialising. Our cocktail fish bowls and cocktail glasses are perfect for serving but if you or your guests prefer shots, we also have neon shot glasses. The best part is not having to wash up the next day since they’re disposable!


Make a small buffet of crisps and snacks for your party guests to munch on (the New Year’s diet won’t have started yet).


Maybe you fancy a quiet night in? If you’d rather put your feet up and watch the New Year’s celebrations on TV, a creamy macchiato while you pamper yourself is the way to go!


Have a Happy New Year from Poundland!

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