Your weatherproof guide to kids activities

Jul 24 2016

Your weatherproof guide to kids activities

Because the Summer weather in Britain changes more quickly than we would like, we’ve put together a guide to sunny activities and their rainy day alternative. 

clouds_sunFun in the Sun

There’s nothing better than to get outdoors when the sun is shining, but activities and days out can be expensive! Check out our list of Sunny day activities below and make the best of the outdoors but without breaking the bank.

1. Water Fights

From just £1 you and the kids can have a whale of a time with our range of water guns and water balloons, it’s fun and keeps everyone cool in the sun. There are hundreds of water balloon games you can play, and we have a range of water guns, pistols and water blasters online and in store.

1338292. Make your own ice lollies

£1 makes 6 ice lollies, that’s amazing value and the options are endless! Use our ice lolly mould and add your favourite soft drink or juice to the pots and put the lids on. You could also sweets into the drink or even make a chocolate ice lolly! We love fruit juice and fruit in yoghurt.

3. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

Kids love the magic of bubbles and you’ll be spoilt for choice with our range. You can get a pack of 9 bubbles, large 2 pack of bubbles, Ninja stick bubbles, bucket of bubbles, funky bubble shooter gun and light-saber bubble wands, and a 1 litre bubble bottle for £1 each!


4. Picnic in the park

This is a sure favourite with kids of all ages! Get your children to take their favourite teddies or dolls, pack your lunch or dinner, some snacks, drinks, a blanket, and head to the nearest park, or your back garden. You could also take a frisbee or a ball and play some games. We’ve put together some tips for a successful picnic in the park over here.

5. Gardening for beginners

Green fingers are messy and kids love to get their hands dirty! There are a number of gardening activities you can do with children and all of them really simple with just a few products. You will need a few pots, compost, some seeds and a trowel to grow some really simple plants and flowers, all available from the Charlie Dimmock In the Garden range at Poundland. Alternatively, you could try growing cress heads.

clouds_thunderRain rain, go away

It’s raining outside but you can still keep the kids entertained and lively. We’ve put a few ideas together to stop boredom setting in and to help turn that frown upside down!

1. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are fun and most kids will love a treasure 118757hunt. Choose a theme, you can choose whatever theme you want from pirates to aliens, children love pretending. Write clues, with each one leading to the next, and a prize(s) at the end.

2. Colouring & Activity

Grab a giant colouring book or an activity book, some felt tip pens or pencils and this simple and traditional rainy day activity will keep the kids happy. We have a number of licensed activity books for boys and girls available in store and online including Finding Dory and Secret Life of Pets.

colouring & activity

3. Bake something!

Cupcakes, biscuits, chocolate chip cookies… the choice is endless with baking! Read baking expert, Jane Asher’s recipes online for ideas and inspiration. Always use adult supervision with small children.

82497_163. Crafts

Kids love crafting, and it doesn’t have to be expensive especially if you have recycling at home – almost anything can be made with cardboard and some glue. For under £5 you can keep your little ones busy ALL summer. Click here to view our crafts range online and there’s even MORE in store.


Check out these Pinterest Summer Crafting Ideas


4. Painting

Kids love painting, and it will keep them busy for hours. At Poundland, we have a massive range of paints and brushes in store, and as painting can get extremely messy we have an apron they can wear!

Painting Apron

Check out these Pinterest Painting with Kids ideas

Disney DVD's5. Watch A Movie

If you have done everything to keep them entertained, and need a little down time then grab some popcorn, choose a film and sit back and enjoy. At Poundland, we have a number of £1 DVDs for Kids and some favourite family films, We also have a number of Disney & Marvel DVDs at a great price too.

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