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Replay CD: Various Artists: Ibiza Annual 2007

Replay CDs are a mixture of ex-retail, warehouse and privately collected stock that has been fully refurbished.
Duration (mins): 229
Genre: Dance|Compilation

Disc 1

1 With Every Heartbeat (Tong and Spoon Wonderland Remix)
2 The Creeps (Get On the Dancefloor) (Vandalism Vocal Mix)
3 Don't Mess With My Man
4 Rise Up
5 Everybody Movin' (Eddie Thoneick And Kurd Maverick Remix)
6 Get Down (Calvin Harris Edit)
7 Jealous Girls (Dolby Anol Remix)
8 Make My Day (Haunting)
9 Heavyweight Champion of the World
10 Too Much Information (Joey Negro Club Mix)
11 Love Has Gone
12 Bel Amour 2007 - Part 1 (Jerry Ropero And Michael Simon Remix)
13 Spirit (Wanna Stay Here Forever)
14 Real Love
15 You'll See Me
16 Gotta Move (Fonzerelli Clubs Mix)
17 Watertight
18 Latronica (Joey Club Mix)
19 Lumberjack
20 I Feel Love (Aaron McClelland Remix)

Disc 2

1 I Want Your Soul
2 Nothing But a Heartache
3 It's True
4 Stop Me (Dirty South Edit)
5 The Girls
6 Let Me Think About It
7 Kinda New (Dirty South '07 Remix)
8 Waiting 4 (Andrea Doria Remix)
9 Umbrella
10 To the Point
11 Back Once Again (Vandalism Remix)
12 Cream
13 Party Animal (Vandalism Remix)
14 Echo
15 Push The Feeling On (Roger's Release Mix)
16 Who's Afraid of Detroit?
17 Genesis
18 In This Silence
19 It's A Swede Thing
20 Feel The Hard Rock (Heiko And Maiko Mix)

Disc 3

1 Magenta
2 Beautiful (Electric Blue) (Michael Gray Remix)
3 Get Dumb (Mark Knight's Dex Ray Dub)
4 Heater
5 Big Fun (Dave Spoon Remix)
6 Three Drives (DJ Chus Remix)
7 Ecuador (Will Bailey Remix)
8 Soul Heaven (Micky Slim Remix)
9 Untitled
10 The Whistler (Jesse Rose Remix)
11 Warrior (Claude VonStroke Sharp Toof Mix)
12 Coup D'etat
13 Don't You Want Me? (Thomas Gold And FDs Club Mix)
14 Sweet Harmony (Spoon And Talk Mix)
15 Up and Down
16 The Game
17 Rosegarden
18 Need In Me (Luke Walker And DJ Loki Remix)
19 Madderferrys
20 Jaguar

£1.00Replay CD: Various Artists: Ibiza Annual 2007