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Replay CD: Stereophonics: Performance And Cocktails

Replay CDs are a mixture of ex-retail, warehouse and privately collected stock that has been fully refurbished.
Duration (mins): 50.50
Genre: Rock/Pop|Indie/Alternative
1 Roll Up and Shine
2 The Bartender and the Thief
3 Hurry Up and Wait
4 Pick a Part That's New
5 Just Looking
6 Half the Lies You Tell Ain't True
7 I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
8 T-Shirt Sun Tan
9 Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today?
10 A Minute Longer
11 She Takes Her Clothes Off
12 Plastic California
13 I Stopped to Fill My Car Up

£1.00Replay CD: Stereophonics: Performance And Cocktails