At The Office

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Why pay more for office stationery? And need some ideas to keep away the break-time blues? We’ve everything you need for work from our own Home Office range, plus big brands all for £1 each.

Essentials and Equipment + Show Hide -

From complete stationery sets with pens, rulers and staplers in one, to individual items like scientific calculators, clipboards, hole punches, drawing pins and paper clips.

    Writing Equipment + Show Hide -

    Make your mark. Sharpen up your writing with our great range of pens, pencils, highlighters and markers from our own Home Office range and big brands like Bic and Sharpie.

      Notebooks, Pads & Paper + Show Hide -

      Jot it down or print it out. From refill pads to notepads in all styles and sizes our range is amazing value at £1 each, plus we’ve post it notes and printer papers – including glossy photo-paper and diaries to make sure you never forget an important date.

        Filing and Posting + Show Hide -

        Keep all your papers and notes neat and tidy, with our filing and storage solutions. From ring binders and project folders, to display books and document wallets. If you’ve letters or parcels to send, our wide range of envelopes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, Sellotape and string will ensure you’ll have it all wrapped up and ready to go.

          Food Cupboard Essentials + Show Hide -

          We’ve all the fuel a busy office needs for break times: tea, coffee, juice and biscuits. All top brands, all amazing value.