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Poundland has always been the student's best friend. We're amazing value for all the essentials, leaving a bit more in the kitty for fun.

Fresher's Survival Kit + Show Hide -

So much to do, so many new people to meet. Here are a few of the basics to get you through Fresher's week.

    Study Essentials + Show Hide -

    Pens, pads, folders and scientific calculators, we’ve got them all at amazing value.

      Accommodation Essentials + Show Hide -

      First time living away from home means there’s lots to think about. Our range of homewares is perfect for student digs and common rooms.

        Storage Solutions + Show Hide -

        We have loads of storage options to keep your bits and bobs tidy, all at Amazing Value.

          Cleaning Cupboard Essentials + Show Hide -

          From washing up to air fresheners, all the basic essentials you'll need to keep a clean(ish) home.

            Toiletries + Show Hide -

            The shower gel and toothpaste fairy has stayed at home, but fear not - we're here to help you stock up for yourself.

              Food Cupboard Fillers + Show Hide -

              Make sure your cupboard is never bare with big brand essentials like Pot Noodle, Heinz beans, PG Tips and Maxwell House.