New Baby

Shopping Made Easy

Baby essentials to make life easier. Congratulations on your new arrival! Babies don’t come with instructions, so we’re here to make your life as new mums and dads as easy as possible, with all your new baby essentials available to buy online at amazing value.

Bath Time + Show Hide -

Fresh and warm before bed. From top brand baby wash and shampoo to cotton buds and soothing creams, bath time with baby will go without a splash.

    Feeding Time + Show Hide -

    Happy and satisfied. You’ll find bottles and bibs for the early months and once baby is on solids we’ve a range of leading brands of baby food to keep them happy and satisfied.

      Changing Time + Show Hide -

      Clean and soothed. This can be a challenging time for new mums and dads, so we’ve everything you need to get baby changed, clean and comfortable with no fuss. We’ve changing mats plus all the wipes, creams and oils you’ll need.

        Playtime + Show Hide -

        Fun with your little one. Play is all part of the joy of being a parent and you’ll have no trouble keeping your little one amused with our great choice of baby toys.

          Medication Time + Show Hide -

          Feeling better in no time. New babies are delicate creatures, so we’ve a range of soothing creams to make sure when they are a bit out of sorts, you can settle them down as quickly as possible.

            Preparing The Nursery + Show Hide -

            We’ve lots of ways for everyone to get involved during this exciting time! Check out our DIY:Time range from Tommy Walsh to help prepare the nursery for the new arrival.