17 Sep 2015

Back to Uni – Shopping Made Easy

uniBack to Uni

Poundland has always been the student’s best friend. We’re amazing value for all the essentials, leaving a bit more in the kitty for fun.  Whether the excitement is because you’re a fresher or you’re going back for your next year, use our Shopping Made Easy guide to make sure you have everything you need!

Stationery Essentials

Taking lecture notes may not be the most exciting thing about uni, but with our colourful Multi Colour Deluxe Gel Pens and Broad Highlighters, you are sure to stay on top! If you are more of a mathematician, our amazing Scientific Calculator is an essential item to stick in your bag – and it’s only £1!

gel penshighlighterscalculator

Accomodation Essentials

Moving away from home is a daunting yet exciting experience. Make your new room feel like home by placing photographs of your loved ones in our Contemporary Black Photoframe. Your room will be your haven! So make it extra cosy with blankets and posters of your favourite celebrities. For those rare nights when you fancy staying in, light some of our Strawberry Flower Tea Lights, for a sensational scent and a relaxed ambience.



Food Cupboard Fillers

When you first move in, it is a good idea to stock up on basic essentials to make sure that your cupboard is never bare. Heinz 200g tinz of Macaroni Cheese and Spaghetti Bolognese are 2 for £1 and are a standard go to student meal with a slice of toast!  For the times you don’t feel like cooking (there will probably be a lot of them!)  packet food such as Mug Shots and Pasta and Sauce will be useful.

macaroni cheese

spaghetti bolognesemug shotpasta

Watch our video below and head to our Shopping Made Easy  category to grab all your student essentials!

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