24 Feb 2015

Choc Pop Ices by Jane Asher

It’s nearly Mother’s Day, and I have two very cute recipes for you that she’s going to love. The cheesecake is sweet, tempting and really simple to make (click for recipe) and the little choc ices made in a pop cake mould are just the sort of tempting little mouthfuls that will delight her.

Neither recipe needs any oven cooking and both are fun to make with the kids, (or on their own, depending on ages). Don’t worry if your piping skills aren’t perfect when it comes to decorating them – it’s the thought that counts, and a home-made treat is worth ten times the pleasure of something shop bought.

See you next for Easter!

Love Jane

Choc Pop Ices editedChoc Pop Ices

Pop cake moulds are so versatile – they work brilliantly with chocolate, and filled with ice cream are the perfect size to make tasty little mouthfuls. Try different combinations – milk chocolate with strawberry ice cream perhaps – or stir a little brandy into the ice cream for a sophisticated after dinner treat


  • 100g dark chocolate chips
  • 100ml approx. ice cream
  • White choco melts and sprinkles for decorating


Gently melt the dark chocolate chips in a bowl over hot water, keeping it over the heat while you work with it. With a small brush, coat both halves of a pop cake mould with a layer of chocolate, then freeze for 10 minutes. Add a second layer of chocolate and freeze again. Then paint on a third layer of chocolate and freeze.

Choc ice 1 cropped

Soften the ice cream by beating it in a small bowl with a wooden spoon. When pipeable, spoon the ice cream into a piping bag. Remove the mould from the freezer and fill each half with ice cream.

Choc ice 2 cropped

Freeze again for a few minutes until the ice cream is firm. Un-mould the halves, then stick them together in pairs by piping the join with a little melted chocolate.

Choc ice 3 cropped

Freeze again, then decorate with melted white choco melts (much easier to work with than white chocolate) and sprinkles. Serve immediately or keep in the freezer until ready.

Choc ice 4 cropped  Choc Pop Ices edited

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