1 Mar 2013

March is here and guess what, it’s cold!

Hello March! So the worst of the cold weather seems to be past us but March is a tricky month as it could still snow or we could have heavy frosts, wintry showers and strong winds – so be prepared for a mixed bag.

March Gardening Tips

General garden maintenance

  • Ensure vulnerable plants are kept protected from Frost
  • Protect Garden furniture from frost
  • Ensure the birds are fed and watered

Vegetables, fruit & herbs

  • Plant bare rooted fruit bushes and trees
  • Buy your bulbs and seeds from Poundland as all the best ones go quickly!
  • Spray over wintered plants with seaweed or nettle feed to improve growth and health
  • Prepare some seed beds and plant seeds under cover
  • Prepare vegetable seed beds and sow some vegetables under cover
  • Warm areas of soil with polythene for April planting
  • Sow seeds indoors
  • Begin to chit your potato tubers, Poundland have a variety of Grow Your Own Potatoes
  • Sow dill, chervil, chives under cover or in the greenhouse

Poundland have a great range of products to support your gardening activity in March, why not check out the range from our Gardening section online.

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