9 Nov 2016

Snowflake Cake by Jane Asher

poundland 7.5.201590497Snowflake Cake

Jane Asher’s Snowflake Cutters are a quick and simple way of cutting beautiful snowflakes from marzipan or roll-out icing.

“For a special Christmas tea, cover some round spiced cookies with white glace icing, add a white snowflake and silver balls and dust with glitter.”



You will need


  1. On a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar roll out the marzipan, if using, into a circle large enough to cover the top and sides of the cake. Brush the cake lightly with the jam. Fold the marzipan over the pin and lift it over the cake, unfolding it again so it covers the cake entirely. Smooth the top and sides with your hands, easing the folds gently and trimming the bottom edge with a sharp knife. (If not using marzipan, simply do this step with roll-out icing instead).
  2. Stick the cake to the centre of the board with a little dampened roll-out icing. Brush the surface of the marzipan with a little water. Roll out the blue icing in the same way as the marzipan and cover the cake, trimming the bottom edge as before.
  3. Dust the work surface again – this time through a sieve so there are no lumps. Roll out the white icing thinly and cut snowflakes in three sizes as follows: dip the plunger cutter in a little cornflour to stop it sticking. Press the cutter onto the icing and move it around to free the shape. Without lifting it, press the plunger down onto the icing to emboss the pattern. Release the plunger, then lift up the cutter together with the cut out snowflake and press the plunger once more to release it onto the work surface. Keep back the white trimmings and re-roll as necessary. Cut about 40 snowflakes, using the differently sized cutters and allow to dry until firm enough to handle without breaking.
  4. Stick the snowflakes to the cake with a little water. Dampen the snowflakes and add some silver balls to the top of the cake (I made tiny indentations with an icing tool and pressed the silver balls into the icing). Dust the top of the cake with edible glitter.

poundland 7.5.201590497

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