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How To Dry Your Clothes in the Winter Without Using A Tumble Dryer

How To Dry Your Clothes in the Winter Without Using A Tumble Dryer
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How To Dry Your Clothes in the Winter Without Using A Tumble Dryer

How to Dry Your Clothes in the Winter Without Using a Tumble Dryer

As the colder months arrive, the search for the cheapest way to dry clothes in winter becomes more relevant. Simple household tasks like drying your clothes can soon turn into a daunting chore, especially for those without the convenience of a tumble dryer. However, there's no need to worry. Poundland offers a range of affordable options and clever tricks to efficiently dry your clothes, maintaining their freshness without the worry of soaring energy bills or lingering dampness around your home. Explore these savvy solutions that show you the best way to dry clothes in winter.

Will Clothes Dry Outside in Winter?

During these cold winter days, many of us wonder, 'will clothes dry outside in Winter?' The answer is yes, but with a few things to consider. Though the winter air can be dry, it's important to remember that the cooler temperatures can significantly prolong drying times. Typically, it can take up to 12 hours to dry clothes outside in winter – a big contrast to the quicker drying times experienced during the summer months. In addition, winter's unpredictable weather patterns, especially rain or snow, can further complicate this outdoor drying method. Therefore, it's crucial for those planning to dry laundry outdoors to check the weather forecast carefully. These methods are essential for anyone trying to dry clothes in a specific timeframe during the colder months. Not only does it ensure your laundry is dry and ready when needed, but it also avoids the dampness that can result from unexpected rain or snow.

How to Dry Clothes in Winter Without a Tumble Dryer

Ditching the tumble dryer this winter doesn't mean damp laundry; there are plenty of effective, money-saving tips for drying clothes indoors. But what is the cheapest way to dry clothes indoors? First up, start by maximising your washing machine's spin cycle to strategically placing clothes on airers in well-ventilated areas. These clever ways to dry clothes indoors ensure quick, cost-efficient drying without the need for energy-intensive dryers.


  • Use Dehumidifiers to Remove Moisture
    In cold weather, when opening a window isn't an option, avoiding damp clothes and a musty home can be challenging. That's where affordable dehumidifiers from Poundland come to the rescue! They effectively remove moisture from the air, ensuring your space and clothes stay fresh. Options like the Hanging Damp Trap and the Mighty Power Moisture Trap Dehumidifier offer lemon-fresh scents, and the unscented 2 pack of Might Power Moisture Traps offer great value. Say goodbye to dampness this winter with these effective dehumidifiers!

  • A Fast Spin Cycle Can Help Get Rid of Excess Water
    Boosting your washing machine's spin cycle can be a game-changer for removing excess water from your clothes. A faster spin means less moisture, leading to quicker drying times and lighter laundry. Also consider checking out Poundland's Ariel All-in-1 Pods for an efficient, cold wash. Keep in mind: a quicker spin and cooler wash equals hassle-free and money saving laundry days!

  • Consider the Space Where You Dry Your Clothes
    Placing your clothes airer in the warmest part of your home, like a sunny spot near a window or near a radiator (but not too close, safety first), can significantly speed up drying times. This strategic placement, especially when the heating is on, creates an ideal drying area for your laundry. So, remember to consider the location of your airer for faster drying and lower energy bills.

  • Switch Up Your Laundry Detergent & Beat the Damp Smell
    Get that fresh, outdoor scent for your clothes without hanging them outside. Lenor Outdoorable's Pink Blossom and Spring Awakening fabric conditioners bring a 'just-off-the-line' freshness indoors. For sensitive skin, Fairy Outdoorable Fabric Conditioner is a must! Upgrade your laundry routine and eliminate damp smells this winter.


Top Tips for Drying Clothes in Winter

First up, give your washing machine’s highest spin setting a whirl. This nifty trick whips out loads of excess water, making your clothes way easier to dry. Then, if you're lucky enough to catch a dry, sunny day, get those clothes outside! The earlier the better, to make the most of the daylight. When using an airer or washing line, remember to spread your clothes out nicely. Overlapping or bunching up can make them take ages to dry, and no one wants that! But, before you hang them up, give each item a good shake. This helps to get rid of creases and spreads the fabric out, so air can circulate more effectively, speeding up the drying process. Follow these simple steps, and you'll have fresh, dry clothes all winter long, without much fuss.


Best Way to Dry Clothes in Winter

Remember, it's all about being smart with the resources you have at home and embracing those little tricks that make a huge difference. Now that you're armed with these handy tips, you're all set to tackle laundry day - no tumble dryer needed!

Are you looking for more savvy laundry solutions? Swing by Poundland’s laundry range for affordable and effective products that make laundry day a breeze.

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Don't put anything delicate on a fast spin. Take out anything made of wool, any underwired bras, swimsuits, polyester curtains ... I take my laundry out and separate the delicate items before I put the rest in for a longer, faster spin.
If your fortune enough to have an airing cupboard You can hang clothes on hangers not too close together They will be dried overnight I put my jumpers and delicates on hangers in my airing cupboard and Usually they are dry overnight, most don’t even need ironing so another saving on your utility bills