3 Jun 2016

10 Travel Packing Tips

Packing everything you need for your holiday while also trying to travel light can be quite a challenge. Whether you’re going away for a long weekend or a two week break, we’ve put together 10 travel packing tips to help you pack your hand luggage efficiently. Watch the video and share your tips in the comments.

  1. Make a list and split everything you need into categories. This will help you organise your packing so that you don’t forget any necessities. Click here to see our holiday checklist for your shopping trip to Poundland.
  2. Spread everything out so that you can see your options and take out any extra clothes or accessories so that you don’t over pack (as tempting as it can be). If you’re going away for a week, you can mix & match outfits by taking 2 pairs of trousers and 3-5 tops rather than a new outfit for every day (the outfit you travel in also counts). Leave behind any items you’ll be provided for at the hotel such as towels and a hairdryer. Maybe consider buying shower gel and other small toiletries at your destination if the hotel do not provide them (although they most likely will).
  3. Use a shower cap or our shoe bag to protect your shoes which will also prevent your clothes getting dirty.
  4. Pack your shoes at the bottom near the wheels of your suitcase along with other weighty items so that anything delicate is not damaged.
  5. Place socks in your shoes to save space and you can also place underwear in your shoes or in our underwear bag.
  6. Roll your clothes as this is more space efficient than folding. Plus, rolling your clothes means less creases! If possible, wear your heaviest clothes on your journey to save you packing them as they’ll take up the most room.
  7. Place any breakables in the middle of the case so that they’re protected by your clothes and other packed items yet you can still access them easily.
  8. Use little bottles to store your liquids as you’ll need to follow rules and regulations when carrying liquids in your hand luggage. Click here to read tips on travelling with liquids.
  9. Store your passport and travel documents in the front compartment pocket so that you can access them easily whenever you need to.
  10. Weigh your suitcase using our luggage scale which is only £1! Check UK carry on limits for the airline you’re flying with so that you meet their hand luggage requirements.

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