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Dec 27 2013

New Year’s Eve – 10 essentials for £10

It’s easy to forget to buy our New Year’s party essentials until the last minute. If you’ve not got much time to get ready a New Year’s party this year, don’t worry – you can still see 2014 in style by popping down to your local Poundland. To help you with your party preparation, we’ve […]

Dec 17 2013

Call home this Christmas with Lebara Mobile

Away from home this Christmas? At Poundland you can buy a Lebara Mobile sim (for just £1)! Lebara Mobile offers low-cost international and national call rates from 1p/ minute, all without being tied to a contract! What’s more you can enjoy fast mobile internet on your smartphone with a Data Pass from just £5 Look out for the […]

Dec 11 2013

Glow in the dark nails

This step by step guide is to help achieve glow in the dark nails. In a nutshell the nail is painted in the desired colour, turn the lights off and voila!

Dec 2 2013

Sponge Ball Curlers Tutorial

How to use sponge ball curlers Sponge Ball Curlers It’s surprisingly easy to create bouncy, curly, attention- grabbing hair with these super-soft sponge ball curlers. Start rolling from the ends upwards, making sure the ends are wrapped around and tucked into the roller to avoid kinks or random straight hairs. To create the effect shown here […]