5 Tips To Revamp Your Garden Shed

Apr 24 2017

5 Tips To Revamp Your Garden Shed

whole_shed_1Garden sheds often get neglected and are mainly used for extra storage space. However you can revamp an ordinary, dull shed into your own little cosy getaway with these five tips.

What’s the purpose?

Do you want to transform your shed into a garden room for socialising? Or is it going to be your peaceful getaway to read and get lost in your favourite novel? Once you know what the main purpose of your shed will be you can decide on how to decorate it.

ceramic_animalsRefresh with paint

Paint both the interior and exterior so that not only is the inside revamped but the shed should also fit in with your garden on a whole. With the interior you could create a ‘she-shed’ and go for a shabby-chic theme with white or pastel colours. Otherwise you could enhance the woody, rustic feel with neutral, brown, earthy hues.

Furniture and ornaments

Make your shed more livable by adding some chairs and a coffee table or a desk for your work space. Display some of our cute, animal garden ornaments on the shelf to bring some personalty into the room. You can also make the shed appear more spacious by placing a mirror or two on the walls.

Growing area and flowers

Consider yourself a green-thumb? If you love gardening then your shed will be an ideal place to set up a growing area for planting in containers.


Lights and temperature

Turn the the shed into a magical den where you can read stories with the kids by putting up garden lights up. If the evening is chilly be sure to take a portable heater with you and some blankets to stay warm.


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