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May 2 2016

Putting Up Shelves and Hanging Pictures

Learn how to put up shelves and hang a picture with these tips from Tommy Walsh.

May 2 2016

Tommy’s Tips – Hanging Wallpaper

As a right-handed bloke, I like to start hanging wallpaper to the left of the door, and work my way from there around the room, right to left. Alternatively you could start between two windows, or in the centre of a chimney breast if you have one, particularly if the paper has a large and […]

May 2 2016

Tommy’s Tips – Painting Walls and Ceilings

“This is the interesting part of the job, all the laborious stripping and sanding work is done, now it’s time for the transformation.” – Tommy Walsh

May 2 2016

Tommy’s Tips – How To Prep A Wall For Painting

Find out how to prepare a wall for painting with DIY expert Tommy Walsh’s tips!

Jul 13 2015

DIY:time with Tommy Walsh Fast Adhesive

Watch our DIY:time with Tommy Walsh fast adhesive at work!

Jan 12 2015

DIY Time with Tommy Walsh

From Groundforce to Poundforce! Tommy Walsh announces new DIY range priced at just £1 each!