10 Nov 2015

Christmas Sweet Bouquet

This extra special gift looks as good as it tastes!



  • Prepare your sweets; we’ve used Ferreo Rocher for each flower. You could use any foil wrapped sweets for shimmer and sparkle.
  • Prepare your bouquet using an assortment of foil covered chocolates and sweets.
  • Insert a skewer into each sweet.
  • Cut some tissue paper into squares, which will surround each sweet – don’t make them too big or you won’t be able to see the centre. Add onto the skewer and position at the top, secure with tape.
  • Assemble your sweet flowers so they resemble a bouquet, start with 10 stems and secure with tape for easy handling, then add more, securing until you finish.
  • Take two large sheets of tissue paper and fold at an angle – now surround the whole bouquet from the front and back.
  • To finish your sweet bouquet cut a large piece of ribbon and tie a bow at the front hiding any visible tape.

Give your hand made gift to someone special and hope they share it with you!

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