How To Decorate Your Candles

Jul 31 2018

How To Decorate Your Candles

It’s so easy to spruce up any plain candles using patterned paper and embellishments, here’s how.

Please only use flameless/LED candles.

You Will Need (all available in Poundland)

  • Flameless/LED candle
  • Papillon paper (purple damask print)
  • Papillon decorations and embellishments
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape


  1. Cut two strips of purple damask print paper, roughly 5cms wide. Overlap the ends and stick together with double sided tape. Wrap around the candle and secure with more double sided tape.
  2. Cut a heart shape roughly 8cms wide. An easy way to do this is to cut a square of paper 8x8cm, lightly fold in half and cut half a heart shape from the top centre. When you unfold the paper you will have a heart template.
  3. Use a mixture of buttons, resin flowers and adhesive pearls to cover the surface of the heart. Leave to dry.
  4. Add double sided tape to the paper and wrap around the candle to stick.

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