Kodak lasts almost 50% longer!

Feb 7 2014

Kodak lasts almost 50% longer!



52778_1Battery prices can be extortionate but we can’t live without our gadgets. When we use our cameras and MP3 players, we want them to be reliable and to run for as long as possible. Often, the cheaper alternatives only work in such energy draining devices for about an hour. Quite frustrating if you’re playing on the Wii and the remote suddenly decides to stop working.

Kodak batteries have been proven by television show Superscrimpers to be the longest running and best performing compared to Duracell and Ikea. With an unbeatable battery life of 4 hours and 18 minutes, Kodak lasts nearly 50% longer than other batteries. At Poundland we have a range of multipack and single batteries to suit different devices. Browse our products online or in store.

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