Our Gardening Quality Guarantee

Mar 24 2014

Our Gardening Quality Guarantee

Plants and seedsAt Poundland we pride ourselves on our chosen suppliers which is why we’ve selected M.Thoolen as our supplier of bulbs. M.Thoolen is a family business with over 120 years of experience and Wouter is the current owner and the 6th generation in the family.

M. Thoolen is a proud member of the Stichting Keurmerk – the Flower Bulbs Quality Mark Foundation, Holland. This quality mark is granted exclusively to associated exporters who commit to meeting the strictest requirements and regulations.


The advantages of this are:

  • You buy flower bulbs with a quality guarantee.
  • Assurance that the flowers will bloom optimally, provided that the planting instructions are followed.
  • Assurance that the flower bulbs are healthy and of excellent quality.

This quality seal of approval is audited every 2 weeks so that our supplier can ensure that they’re maintaining their products at the highest quality possible.

This means that you, our customers, always get the highest grade and quality guaranteed!


  1. bulbs m thoolenWouter and his dedicated team work closely with their growers and assessments of the crop are carried out continuously to ensure we only buy the best.
  2. Once our crops are selected, they’re sent to Wouter’s fine packing facilities where the bulbs first undergo a full health check. Not only does this ensure quality but it also weeds out any crops that may be harbouring disease.
  3. The packing facility is pretty impressive – some bulbs need to be kept warm and some as low as 2 Microscopedegrees!
  4. During this time, the Stichting Keurmerk inspectors pay regular visits checking all aspects of the facility along with the health and standard of the bulbs.
  5. All bulbs are given a final check and packed into traditional wooden carry crates to start their journey to the UK.
  6. When the bulbs have arrived, another quality check is carried out before being packed into their retail packaging ready.


The entire process from the soil to our shelves is completed in under 2 weeks, maintaining peak freshness of the products so that our customers leave our stores completely satisfied. Take a look at our great range of bulbs and seeds.


We are so sure of the quality of our bulbs we have doubled down our guarantee!

Not only do ALL of our live bulbs carry our own no quibble guarantee, but they are also guaranteed via the Dutch Flower Council emblem.

This means customers can approach our stores for any issue related to quality and also the Dutch flower council who will ensure that our customers receive their money back or a replacement pack of bulbs direct from the grower.

Look out for the quality mark on packs in store!

Poundland Gardening Bulbs Guarantee

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