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Apr 2 2014

Grow Your Own Potatoes

February – May is the ideal time to plant your potato seeds in time for harvest. Potatoes can be roasted, mashed, made into chips or eaten as jacket potatoes. Here’s how to grow your own.

Mar 26 2014

Mac-million pounds for Macmillan

Poundland staff and customers have beaten their ‘Mac-million’ fundraising target of £1million by raising an incredible £1,035,179.15 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mar 24 2014

Our Gardening Quality Guarantee

At Poundland we pride ourselves on our chosen suppliers which is why we’ve selected M.Thoolen as our supplier of bulbs.

Mar 2 2014

Matt & Gloss Nails Step by Step Guide

This step by step guide is also what’s called a Black Matte French Manicure. In a nutshell the nail is painted black matte and the tip is glossy. What we particularly love is that it takes just £1 to get this look (again and again). You will need Pretty Matte and Gloss nail varnish available in […]

Feb 28 2014

Safe Feeding Guide

A healthy diet for your dog’s best health    Your dog needs constant access to clean drinking water.  A well-balanced diet suitable for their age, lifestyle and health status to stay fit and healthy is important. If in doubt, please see your Vet for nutritional needs for dog/breed type.  Dogs need feeding at least once […]

Feb 21 2014

Make Your Own Pasta Sauce

This easy recipe will certainly bring your pasta to life with its creamy texture and delicious flavour.

Feb 20 2014

Our new and exclusive Indulgent snacking range

Being spoilt for choice is an understatement with our new Indulgent snacking range.

Feb 18 2014

Can our vitamins really be as good as our rivals?

The answer is yes. Our approved Vitawell vitamins are approved and as beneficial as other brands on the high street. You don’t have to just take our word for it, read this great article on the Daily Mail.

Feb 13 2014

Grow your own cherry tomatoes

Growing tomatoes can be done indoors with our handy seed starter kit.

Feb 7 2014

Windowsill Herbs

Herbs add flavour to many dishes and with our Kitchen Herbs Seed Collection you can grow your own.

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