The Big Giveaway at Poundland

Dec 26 2014

The Big Giveaway at Poundland

FB-Promo-Big-Giveaway-PL-GenericWe love providing our customers with amazing value everyday and now that Christmas is over and it’s time to budget. We have a huge range of branded and extra fill products for £1 so that you can get your year started off to a frugal start!



With the Christmas parties over (New Years Eve is yet to come) giving the house a good clean doesn’t have to break the bank.


Neither does staying pampered when we have Argan oil and Macadamia shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair shiny.

Whether you’ll be indulging in our extra fill packs of crisps and chocolate or opting for Weight Watchers biscuits, keeping your cupboard stocked and taste buds satisfied is even easier.


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